Noel Wilfeard

Top 5 films
The Dark Knight
The Shining

Top 5 Musicians
Noel Wilfeard
the chesterfield kings
the who
the rolling stones
guns n' roses

what type of mustache would you grow if you could
none. a mustache would hide my beautiful face.

If you were a sushi roll what would it be (you can make one up)
Noel and Hot Lady Special

If trapped on a deserted island which part of your body would you eat to survive
i would eat my ego. There is plenty of it to live off of for a loooooooong time. no joke.

if you became famous, what would be your 1st celebrity scandal
I would easily be caught in an arm wrestling contest with mel gibson and tom cruise... I would win, of course.

Looking back what was the worst outfit you ever rocked
a jean suit.

what has inspired you lately
Al Pacino.

Top 5 goals
get rich.
get famous.
meet hot babes.
get rid of dumb people.
make more money.

what is your greatest fear
answering these questions in a funny manner.