Eric Soublet

Top 5 films
Rocky 1 through 6.

Top 5 Musicians
Bob Seger. Nieves Quintero. Roberto Roena. Willie Colon. Marcolino Dimond.

what type of mustache would you grow if you could
A grey Push-Broom.

If you were a sushi roll what would it be (you can make one up)
Salmon L. Jackson

If trapped on a deserted island which part of your body would you eat to survive-

if you became famous, what would be your 1st celebrity scandal
Joining the Nation of Islam

Looking back what was the worst outfit you ever rocked
Overalls, no shirt, with one strap unhooked. I still think its kinda fresh though.

what has inspired you lately
Lyell Avenue

Top 5 goals
A pint of Guiness at Johnny's tonite.
A feature.
A loving wife.
Some kids.

what is your greatest fear
A violent death