Chris Hogan-Roy

Top 5 films
1. Romero films
2. John Hughes films
3. Spike Jones films
4. Taratino films
5. Guy Richie films

Top 5 Musicians
Modest Mouse
Nick Drake
Dre & Snoop

what type of mustache would you grow if you could
I’d grow a reverse mustache, so grow a full beard and cut out the mustache portion like a curled “Rolly Finger” stache

If you were a sushi roll what would it be (you can make one up)
Bearded Clam Roll

If trapped on a deserted island which part of your body would you eat to survive.
I’d drain myself, Bloody mary’s on the beach til death

if you became famous, what would be your 1st celebrity scandal
Homeless Man burns down the set of “Twilght” and states “You’ll never be as good as the Lost Boys” and makes out with Kristen Stewart because he thought she was Joan Jett

Looking back what was the worst outfit you ever rocked.
Reverse side burns and turtle under a sweatshirt

What has inspired you lately
The FAB 4

Top 5 goals
find time for loving
find time for living
find time for sleeping
find time for filming
find time

what is your greatest fear
People reading this interview