Bri Merkel

Top 5 films
I hate this question... Here's what I think today:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Shining
Hot Rod
The Sea Inside
The Royal Tenenbaums

Honorable Mentions:
The Breakfast Club
Wet Hot American Summer
Waking Life

Top 5 Musicians
Ryan Gosling
Arcade Fire
Cat Power
Animal Collective
Simon and Garfunkel

what type of mustache would you grow if you could
here's the deal - if I were a dude I would never just have a mustache, it would be a mustache/beard combo - probably one those full face extravaganzas with the mustache part really long and artfully shaped into a twirly design with lots and lots of mustache wax.

If you were a sushi roll what would it be (you can make one up)
spicy red snapper roll

If trapped on a deserted island which part of your body would you eat to survive
None - that's just a gruesome scene that I don't want to be a part of... I'd swallow the cyanide capsule I keep with me at all times, take one last swim, and let the sharks have all the body parts they want.

if you became famous, what would be your 1st celebrity scandal
Here's the headline: "Famous producer seduces that sparkly kid from Twilight"

Looking back what was the worst outfit you ever rocked
a dark green plaid jumper and starchy yellow blouse for 8 years...

what has inspired you lately
I've been watching The State and Chappelle Show and both really inspire me to try to be funny and create funny

Top 5 goals
Be able to live off of making movies
Stop smoking cigarettes because it's a dirty, disgusting, delicious habit
Get financing for projects that I am passionate about
Take a cross-country road trip - like, a GOOD one, at least 2 weeks long
Party in a hot tub filled with champagne

what is your greatest fear
large groupings of tiny yellow pieces of tape... ask Roy.