Alexis Croucher

top 5 films
Goodfellas Dreams
The Silence of the Lambs
The Big Lebowski

top 5 Musicians
Nina Simone
Jack White
Mos Def
marion mcpartland
seasick steve

What type of mustache?
duh, a State Troopers Mustache

sushi roll:
eel and avocado w/ black sesame seeds and eel sauce drizzled over top extra ginger on side

dessert island?
my ass. so fatty and delicious. even though my psoas is considered filet mignon by a butcher, i think i'd go w/ my ass. fat and protein.

1st celebrity scandal?
uh oh. for fun? i'd prolly break up angie and brad or no, no, would be that i was so boring. oh but they'd have to look at my past. and that could be gross for everyone. scandal. hmm. i bet i'd punch someone. i. bet. yeah. i'd punch a photog or something asshole like that.

my worst outfit?
i wore a lot of ties in 7th grade and wore a very short haircut. yep. ties. w/ a boy haircut. but i must say i rocked the tie. i wore it in my school picture even. i think there was a matching vest.

inspiring me lately?
i stared at this Rothko for like an hour the other day. that got me almost teary. and dave eggers, he's been inspiring me again. he always does, i just sort of, like forget about him sometimes. then i get all wound up when i remember how great he is.

top 5 goals
to make my living loving what i do
fall in love
laugh myself silly every day
century ride
have a loving family

my greatest fear?
oh boy. i have some big fears. like, i have a fairly decent fear of the unknown but then, i go and do stuff that puts me in that place to deal with it. and like, i'm afraid of intimacy, duh. and i'm afraid of getting old and missing opportunities. i have no regrets but sometimes i have some fear about past decisions even though i know there's nothing to be done. but i have been known to go back and try something that failed the first time just to make sure. i have a VERY large fear of small furry rodent animals running out of the bushes and biting me. I am completely terrified of buffets. escalators and i have had to make peace but i'm still wary. i'm afraid of scary movies and can only watch them when i am cohabiting with a man. i am afraid that when i come home there will be someone behind the door waiting to jump out and scare me, but i secretly desire and love that....oh, not so secret anymore. ummm, what else. i fear that's it.