Alexa Scott-Flaherty

Top 5 films:
Belle De Jour, Nashville, Vertigo, Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage, Magnolia

Top 5 Musicians:
Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, 50's Girl Bands (sorry i lumped them together), The Campbell Brothers, Ani Difranco (back in the day)

what type of mustache would you grow if you could:

If you were a sushi roll what would it be (you can make one up):
Funky Monkey Baby
fresh water eel & avocado on the outside nitro shrimp teriyaki chicken & asparagus inside

If trapped on a deserted island which part of your body would you eat to survive
hip fat

if you became famous, what would be your 1st celebrity scandal:
definitely puking somewhere not desirable after drinking tequila shots

Looking back what was the worst outfit you ever rocked-
as the child of hippies this is a tough one considering i wore dress-ups to school. i'd say the eighties wins though. acid washed tightly rolled jeans with those cut up half shirts and the hair with the sprayed bangs.

what has inspired you lately
the rochester urban fellow who joined us this summer at Writers & Books-Garrett Rubin-all the right energy and enthusiasm, realizing the importance of change occurring on the small scale locally in your community.

Top 5 goals
create a summer arts community in the finger lakes where dancers, musicians, film-makers and theatre companies can go to create new work
create a happy, healthy, open family
learn to be a phenomenal baker
build a community I love here in Rochester
be able to face all the things that come in life with honesty and courage - not to shrink or avoid

what is your greatest fear
truly: going insane or having Alzheimers-in other words losing my mind